How to choose a best driver guide on your safari?

The pearl of Africa (Uganda) stands for spectacular yet undiscovered wildlife. Blessed with beautiful scenery, comfortable weather year-round. It is filled with friendly people that will make your holiday a journey to remember.  Uganda has a diversity of attractions that a single visit will not be enough to discover all its natural wonders.

Choosing the best driver guide on your safari looks to be something easy but in actual sense, it is not. Multiple drivers are looking for jobs and in the tourism industry, most guides are drivers. The best diver guide is one of the major ingredients to a successful safari in Uganda. Below are the ways how to choose the best car with driver-guide in Uganda for a memorable safari experience!

Travelers that explore most Africa come from Europe and other continents. They use a trusted tour company to book for their safaris in Africa. Every tour company In Africa has a tour guide/driver. So to get the best driver guide on your safari, use the best tour company and you can only achieve this by doing enough research plus getting recommendations form your colleagues.

The best driver guide most is with sane driving skills with the map in his/her mind. Some countries in Europe have the same roads but in Africa, it is a different story. Each country has different rules of the roads both written and unwritten. To enjoy a safari in Africa, you need someone who knows the rules that particular country you’re exploring. So the only way to determine the best guide on your safari is the one who doesn’t use a GPS system when he has the map in the head. At the same time when he/she knows how to move past collapsed bridges and also how to deal with road obstacles.

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A passionate and confident communicator is definitely the best driver-guide. Tour guides are knowledgeable and know what they talk about whether wildlife, culture or birds among others.  The best driver guide has to be a good communicator and still has to know when to respond and when to keep quiet. Besides being good communicators, they have a sense of humor and they keep you engaged and entertained on your safari.

The best driver guide on your safari has to be flexible. African transportation is in most cases unreliable, such as bridges washed away, roads blocked by floods, mudslides, among others.  A good driver-guide needs to be flexible, adjusting the safari with a confident approach that makes you feel safe.

The best driver guide still has always to be on time and organized. The safaris in Africa, the start time and activities are done in a timely fashion. The driver-guide has to follow your itinerary.

The best driver guide is sensitive to the clients’ needs. This is another way how to choose the best driver-guide for your safari. Still, the best driver / guide is your advocate at the lodges and restaurants while on the trip. The sensitivity is from learning and knowing the preferences, your likes, and dislikes, knowing when to put on Air-Conditioner, snacks, water among others.

The driver-guide has the power either to make your safari a memorable one or a nightmare. The ways mentioned above will help you to choose the best car and driver-guide for your safari.