Namirembe Rd
Kampala Uganda

Gisakura Guest House Rwanda

A few kilometers from Nyungwe forest edge, full of vines, and near the Gisakura Tea Estate is the only accommodation available in the area: the Gisakura Gest house. Part of the ranger station and fire brigade, buildings are of simple construction in wood and stone, with roofs in tiles, and are not incremented.

To find fine furniture and decor outstanding, you will have to go elsewhere – here the decor is spectacular and the amazing forest trees and on your door step. And that is before you go through the wonderful diversity of animals that can be found on your walks and tours of the forest, including 13 different species of primates such as Chimpanzees, Grey Cheeked Mangabeys, Golden Monkeys, Olive Bamboons, Black and white colobus monkeys among others.

Although not a luxury accommodation option, the Gisakura Gesthouse is immaculately clean and although some cottages share the bathrooms, they also follow the same standards of cleanliness. The staff is also very helpful and the park guides are so much knowledgeable about all plants and animal species found in the forest. The food is freshly prepared and therefore guests need to make their requests with a few hours in advance, as no food will be bought and prepared if guests are not eating on the property.

Here there are many walks and trails through the woods. The most popular is the track chimpanzees, but there is also a pleasant walk through the tea plantation and a walk in search of a family Colobbus resident monkeys. Stay tuned to different types of orchids that grow in the canopy of the cloud forest and it is good that your book of birds is as detailed as possible, because the diversity of birds is really spectacular here.