Rwanda Development Board

Rwanda Development Board was put up by combining together all the government agencies responsible for the all investor sector under one umbrella. The main agencies that were brought together include investment promotion, environment conservation, privatization, business registration and specialist agencies that aid the major sectors of tourism and information computer technology and also the human resource and capacity and the small enterprises in the private sector.

The board is an independent body and founded on global expertise. It reports to the president directly. It has delegates and support from international entrepreneurs and personnel from World Bank, the office of tony Blair and Singapore development board.

It has a mission of making and promoting Rwanda as a whole to do better in business and also to be recognized by the big names and countries in world business through allying with the private sector.

With the Rwanda development board’s mission of working in hand with the private sector to develop Rwanda and tourism industry being dominated by the private enterprises, it also plays a serious role in the tourism sector of Rwanda as it has very many duties to undertake in the latter sector. Here are the objectives of Rwanda development board in the tourism sector of Rwanda:

To conserve the rich bio-resources of the Protected Areas and to develop, sustainable tourism in Rwanda, by working hand in hand with stakeholders for the benefit of all the Rwandan People.
To promote the country as a top tourism destination, by marketing the available natural biodiversity in Rwanda.

To maintain, improve and sustain the ecological integrity, health and productivity of Rwanda’s ecosystems as pillars of environmental and tourism sustainable development as Rwanda is country rich in natural resources and leading country in terms of research, innovation and conservation in the central and East Africa region.

To make Rwanda as a regional meetings and conference hub for Central and Eastern Africa, and to boost Rwanda’s diverse and unique tourism products in order to bring tourists to the country and generate revenues that contribute significantly to the country’s overall socio-economic development.

To fulfill the above tourism objectives, the Rwanda tourism board is playing the following roles.

The Rwanda development board is responsible for registering and monitoring the work of all tourism based and associated enterprises in Rwanda

It’s also responsible for managing and supervising all the wildlife protected areas in Rwanda that is volcanoes national park, Nyungwe national park and Akagera national park among the special ones.

It is also responsible transaction tourism business on behalf of the government. For example it sell gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits, receives park entrance fees and also make accountability for the money spent and earned from tourism initiatives in Rwanda.

It is also responsible for endorsing agreements and treaties of cooperation with regional organizations, international bodies and private companies for the sake of tourism on behalf of the Rwanda government.