Why Is Uganda Best For Gorilla Trekking?

In the entire world, the critically endangered and rare mountain gorillas are only found in the corner of east and central African countries; Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. And since Democratic Republic of Congo hasn’t stabilized yet, Uganda and Rwanda are the only top selling destinations for gorilla trekking. However, the question is why Uganda for best gorilla trekking?

There are very many reasons why Uganda is the best destination for gorilla trekking in the world and Africa. It is only in the pearl of Africa where one can easily combine gorilla trekking with magnificent Wildlife safari, birding encounters and cultural experiences including the African Big 5 animals (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino).

Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park are the two destinations where gorillas are found in the wild and they are safe. Uganda has no conflicts and there are no rebel groups with in the country meaning that the parks where gorilla tracking is done and other destinations are safe and secure all year through. The Government of Uganda does everything within its power to ensure the safety of travelers with the help of Uganda wildlife Authority rangers.

Uganda is the only country accommodating the largest population of mountain gorillas and they are thriving and growing in number to the tune of about seven percent. In Bwindi impenetrable National park recently, the rare twins were born. And in Uganda you have options either to track in Bwindi impenetrable forest or Mgahinga gorilla national park. Besides gorilla trekking, there is also gorilla habituation experience where you have a chance to spend more time with the mountain gorillas in the jungle, and that’s 4 hours compared to the usual one hour allocated for gorilla tracking.

However, Bwindi impenetrable forest gives travelers a chance to trek any group of their choice, since it has more than 15 habituated mountain gorilla families. And Uganda is the only country that offer the interesting gorilla habituation in the world where one is given up to 4 hours to interact with the gorillas, unlike gorilla trekking which allows only 1 hour of direct encounter with mountain gorillas.

The pearl of Africa protects over 480 mountain gorillas and in the whole world there are 1000 mountain gorilla population which have been under protection since 1964. Uganda has 15 habituated mountain gorilla families, living within the 4 distinct regions, namely; Rushaga, Ruhija, Buhoma and Nkuringo regions.

As earlier mentioned, the pearl of Africa gives travelers a chance to combine wildlife tours with gorilla trekking experiences which is rare in the surrounding countries. The pearl of Africa gives you the diversity and safety, hence travelers can include as many activities as possible in addition to gorilla trekking during their safari to Uganda.

In mgahinga gorilla national park, travelers have a chance to combine gorilla trekking with volcano climbing or other activities like golden monkey tracking, Batwa trail and bird watching. Travelers can also visit Kibale national park for chimpanzee tracking, sight the wildlife in Lake Mburo national park along with its zebras or relax and swim at the bilharzia free waters of Lake Bunyonyi or go for an encounter with tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Uganda is one of the best birding destinations in Africa, it protects over 1020 different bird species which travelers can sight on a birding safari. Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park have an incredible population of birds and most of them are unique and can only be spotted in those parks.

If it comes to the cost of gorilla permits, Uganda offers affordable gorilla permits at only 600$. This is quite friendly to most travelers and the experience is incomparable to any gorilla trip in other countries. Therefore if you’re looking for a destination that outstands others for gorilla trekking safari, then Uganda is the best option for you.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla national parks in Uganda will offer you a life time experience.

Variety of Accommodations

There is a wide ranger of accommodation options in both Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla parks based your budget. They include safari lodges and campsites categorized into budget, deluxe and luxury option. In bwindi for example with high-end lodges such as Clouds mountain gorilla lodge, Lake Mutanda resort, Chameleon Hill lodge, Bwindi safari lodge, Buhoma Lodge and Gorilla Sunctuary among others. Other include Rushaga gorilla camp, Gorilla Mist Camp, bakiga Lodge, Buhoma community rest camp, Wagtail Eco-Camp and many others.